Cutting in half a round Ruby and Cubic Zirconia stone with a small stone set in a bezel in the center is the key to this design.

But I decided to take it one step further by adding color stones to the engagement ring. The Peridot (the green stones) represents the heath and the engagement band set with blue Topaz shows your experience.

Credit goes to my little brother, Josh, for coming up with the name of the design. I present, the Trainer’s Band.


Madras and End-on-End for Spring

I went thrifting for the first time in awhile the other day. This guy makes me feel like thrifting is no longer worth it around here (to you, Ian, I tip my cap…), and I just haven’t found the time or the energy to get behind it with the same verve as I used to.

I think this is both because I’ve become a much more discerning thrifter, and I rarely buy to flip any more. Things I would have bought no questions asked a couple of years ago, I now leave for someone else to add to their wardrobe, or to sell on ebay. Now that I have a steady job and too many clothes, I figure I ought to pay it forward as often as possible. But, as I’ve got a week off from work right now, one of the first things I did was check out a couple of thrifts that I haven’t been to in awhile. Old habits die hard, and so on.

Don’t get me wrong, this was no big score. But I did pick up a couple of things that I think will be great for the warmer weather. The first is this USA-made BB green end-on-end button down. I love wearing lightweight end-on-ends when the weather gets a little hot, and I can see myself in this one a lot over the next few months with the sleeves rolled up, paired with some jeans and sneakers. Maybe I’ll tuck it in, and wear it with no tie, an unstructured sport coat, and some suede loafers or chukkas. It was $9. There were a bunch of other BB shirts from the same donor I think, and I now regret leaving behind a whimsical patchwork OCBD. Oh well…

The next item is a great older madras tie from Lands’ End. Not only are the saturated colors and pattern stunning, but I love the imperfections in the weave itself like the blue spot you can see in the above picture. I think I’ll definitely be wearing this one as the temperatures rise here in the next month or so. The best part of this was that the store was having a 60% off all men’s clothing and accessories sale, so the tie cost me $1.14.

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